Friday, December 30, 2016

Version 0.2.0 of vadacl Released

I just released a new version of my vadacl validation library for Angular 2. The new release includes the following updates:

  • To match a recent change to the pattern Validator in Angular 2, vadacl's pattern validation method was updated to accept both string and RegExp pattern arguments.

  • A requiredTrue validation method was added to parallel the recently-added Angular requiredTrue Validator (used primarily for validating that a checkbox has been checked/set to true).

  • The applyCollectionRule() method was added to the Vadacl class. The new method is designed to be used instead of the applyRules() method when applying a single validation method to a FormGroup or FormArray.

  • Added three new validation methods specifically for FormGroup and FormArray validation:

    • totals: validates that the sum of the numeric values of the FormGroup or FormArray controls equals a certain amount.

    • equalValues: validates that all of the values of the FormControls within a FormGroup or FormArray are exactly equal. Useful for performing password confirmation.

    • withinTrueCount: validates that the number of FormControls within a FormGroup or FormArray with a value of Boolean true falls within a given range. Designed primarily to validate how many checkboxes are checked.

  • Added and updated demos to demonstrate the new validation methods.

  • Updated the demo codebase to Angular 2.4.1