Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CF411 and ColdFusion for Educational Use (Oh, And That New Browser...)

Blogging bullet-point style tonight:

  • Charlie Arehart's new CF411 site has a MASSIVE amount of links to tools and resources for CFML and web development. Stop what you're doing right now, go to the page, and store it somewhere (your bookmarks, Delicious, wherever).

  • The announcement that ColdFusion 8 Enterprise is now available for free for educational use (in other words, for learning purposes) was made on Monday. You can find out more at

    While I'm glad the announcement is out, I just wish it had been promoted better. There's still nothing about it up on the Adobe home page or even on Adobe's ColdFusion product page. Why not?

  • Last (and least...), Google surprised everyone this week with their new Chrome web browser. It got so much attention that everyone stopped talking about the iPhone, which is admittedly pretty impressive.

    Like everyone else, I've played with it. Here's my take on it (yep, more bullet-points):

    • It runs pretty well.
    • It does seem to run JavaScript more quickly than other browsers.
    • It has a few nice innovative features.
    • It can be quirky at times and it has some flaws (but it is a beta).
    • It has promise, but it doesn't provide any new functionality that I find particularly useful to me.
    • FireFox will remain my browser at work and at home.