Friday, February 12, 2016

Announcing ncline: a Node Program/Platform for Executing JavaScript Functions from a Command Line

I'm pleased to announce the release of my new open-source project, ncline. ncline stands for "Node Command Line", and it's a platform for writing Node-powered JavaScript functions ("commands") that can be executed from a command line interface.

When you launch ncline, it loops through the collections of module folders within the master "cmdModules" folder and adds any functions exported under the "commands" property to a catalog of executable commands. The user can then execute any of those commands from the ncline command prompt by typing the command name followed by any required or optional arguments. Arguments can be provided in positional order or as a set of "name:value" pairs enclosed in brackets.

Ncline is designed to allow developers to customize it to their needs. Writing a command function that ncline can execute is no different from writing a regular JavaScript command, so experts and beginners alike can create basic commands fairly easily. The main ncline functions take care of registering the commands and managing the passage of arguments from the command line to the function. ncline provides generic Levitra online library functions for parsing arguments and for generating feedback to the ncline console (warnings, error messages, etc.) that can be leveraged within commands.

ncline also provides conventions for the creation and storage of user-generated command data that persists between sessions as private JSON data and for adding command documentation via a JSON file.

Out of the box, ncline provides commands for:

  • Adding, changing, and deleting aliases for individual or multiple filepaths, and for setting the current target and source filepaths for filepath-related functions.

  • Opening one or more file explorer windows based on the provided alias name.

  • Opening one or more terminal windows based on the provided alias name.

  • Executing a Grunt command in the filepath represented by the provided alias name.

  • Creating or opening a .txt file in Notepad based on the provided alias name (Windows only).

  • Adding, changing, and deleting aliases for Windows batch files (Windows only).

  • Executing the Windows batch file associated with the specified batch alias name (Windows only).

  • Adding, changing, and deleting aliases for opening websites from ncline in the specified browser (useful for opening multiples sites in one browser or the same site in different browsers quickly).

Further information can be found on the GitHub site for ncline at